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"June 28,2005 via email

To the good folks at Human Grade Canine Cuisine: Our family wanted to write to tell you how much your food has changed our dog's life.

Our Tegus is a 12 year old border collie-rottweiler cross. Throughout Tegus' life we have tried several brands of premium dog food. Many of them had so much junk in them that they increased her bowl movements significantly and some gave her serious gas. With any other brand she was not that interested in her food and never ate it all in one sitting.

Since she started eating your home-baked dog food she is a different dog. She is happier, has more energy, has almost no gas, has regular bowl movements, and she doesn't beg for our food anymore. She gets so excited when it is time for her meal it's like she was a puppy again!

We are so pleased that in her late senior years we can bring this joy into her life - all thanks to your wonderful food! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

- The Palhetas Family

P.S We are enclosing a picture of our family member just after eating her human grade canine cuisine dog food."


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