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Human Grade Doggie Cuisine has their product independently tested by a certified lab to determine the nutrition values and to ensure the proper nutritional values are maintained.

When comparing protein and fats

  • AAFCO protein and fat levels are always listed on a dry-weight basis, whereas the proteins and fats listed on various dog food products are listed on an "as-is" basis, which includes water.  This difference in listings can lead to confusion when comparing brands as you are not comparing "apples to apples".  Each dog food has different levels of moisture and that will affect how much of the nutrient is actually there on a dry-weight basis.

    • In other words when you see 24% Protein listed on a dry dog food and 7% on a canned dog food it does not mean the dry dog food has more protein!!

How can you do a true comparison?

  • There is a simple procedure you can use to determine the real actual percentage of a specific dog food.

    • Find the percentage of protein listed on the dog food package.
    • Find the Percentage of moisture listed on the dog food label.
    • Subtract the percentage of moisture from 100 to get percentage of dry.
    • Divide the number you got in step 1 by the number in step 3 and multiply by 100.

  • You now have the true dry-weight percentage of that specific dog food.

So whats Human Grade Doggie Cuisine's true dry-weight percentage of protein?

  • Take 70% moisture and subtract from 100 to get 30% of dry. Divide 8.5 by 30 and multiply by 100.  The dry-weight percentage of protein is 28.3%

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