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From: Mike Cirrincione
Sent: Tuesday, August 09, 2005 7:15 AM
To: Human Grade Canine Cuisine
Subject: Field research...

I took the sample dog food you gave me the other day, did the side-by-side taste test with my dog... 2 ways...

  1. Holly's "normal" food and the Human Grade Canine Cuisine recipe... she sniffed hers first, sniffed HGCC and never looked back... ate all the HGCC and left her "normal favorite" food to rot. 

  2. This version was Woj's idea. I heated both the HGCC recipe and Holly's normal food (gross)... side by side... same results as in the first case above.

I think you may have a winner here! By the way, what does a tray of "meatloaf" like you gave me retail for???

Mike Cirrincione

Also, I forgot to mention. Holly is a VERY picky eater... even when she is very hungry.

Additionally, I have not been able to get her to eat her "normal cuisine" again… she literally leaves it in her bowl until it gets moldy, that was enough for me to convince me to start Holly on Human Grade Canine Cuisine.

Thanks Human Grade for giving Holly a new enjoyment in life.

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