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"July 12,2005 via email

To Human Grade Canine Cuisine: We wanted to drop you a note telling you how much our dog loves your food.  We have a 7 year old female 130 lb Rhodesian Ridgeback (yes she is big for her breed) name AVRO and we have been feeding Human Grade Canine Cuisine to her for about 4 months.

I cannot tell you how much she enjoys her food, so we provided a few pictures to illustrate.  Avro eagerly waits at the refrigerator for her dearly loved food (if you know ridgebacks, they love their food and never stop "bumming") both in the morning and evening and if we don't get it to her on time, we really hear about it.

We used to feed her dry dog food and she was lethargic and gaining weight.  She also has a thyroid problem so she was a bit overweight. Well to be honest, she had become "fat and lazy". After talking to our VET, we decided to look for and find a more healthy choice of dog food to slim her down, we selected Human Grade Canine Cuisine and she has definately trimmed down and has twice the energy she had before.  I have even started taking her jogging with me again on our property (we live on 8 acres) and unlike last year, I could not keep up with her. Even the chipmunks, who used to tease her and run away, are looking out for her now!

Thanks for making Avro's life much happier! 
The Michie family, Georgetown, Ontario.

As mentioned, We are enclosing a few pictures of our AVRO

Avro waiting at the frige for her human grade canine cuisine dog food

Avro beating us to the punch.

Avro enjoying her meal

Ah, that's better


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