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"July 20, 2005 via email

To Human Grade Canine Cuisine:

We wanted to write you and let you know how much "Woody" is enjoying your food.

Our dog, Woody, is a cross between golden retriever and ??.  Woodsie is getting on in age and we honestly thought he would not make it through spring.   In May, we were down vising friends in Toronto and found out about Human Grade Canine Cuisine for dogs and thought we would take back a few large loaves for Woody as a special treat.  Well to our surprise things happened!  Woody stopped having so many accidents (he had recently, to his embarrasment, started to go to the bathroom in the house, which he HAD NEVER done before) and he had more energy. Once we saw this change, we ordered more and had it shipped up to Thunder Bay.  Woody continues to eat this wonderful food and is much better off than he was.

Thanks Human Grade Canine Cuisine, you have made the remainder of Woody's time with us much happier.
The Miault Family, Thunder Bay, Ontario


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