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To: Human Grade Canine Cuisine

From: the Osipenkos, Orleans, Ontario
Received: Monday, August 15, 2005 9:00 PM

Subject: Wow, Rudy sure loves his new food.

Back in June, we were offered a couple of the large loaf Human Grade Canine Cuisine beef samples when we were visiting some friends in Toronto (their dog was already eating it) and we took them back home and gave them to Rudy, our very large dog (mix of Newfoundland and lab, 115 Lbs)

It was amazing to see how much he loved this new food.  In fact, Rudy enjoys this new type of cooked food so much we do not dare run out, he now turns up his nose at the dry dog food we used to give him.  Wondering why he liked it so much, we went to your web site and looked at the ingredients and the benefits of this type of obviously nutritious human grade food.  That convinced us that our dearly loved family member deserved this type of food.  Rudy has been thriving on Human Grade Canine Cuisine since then and he eagerly waits for his meals with much anticipation.

Rudy is a big part of our family and even the kids feel Rudy is finally getting the type of food he deserves.  We have also found he eats less of this food than he did his dry dog food and continues to be very active and playful.

Fortunately for us we visit Toronto regularly and have been able to purchase the food while we are there and take it back home.  We can't wait until a store in Ottawa starts selling it.

Thanks for giving Rudy such a daily pleasure and helping us pick such a healthy choice for him.

larry and Lori Osipenko
P.S. please let us know when it's available in Ottawa,


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